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hace 5 horas
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hace 1 mes
sushi-ice-cream said: Heyo! How are you? We haven't spoken in a while, but I saw your art recently and I thought a lot about you. :) So I hope you're doing well, and it looks like you've been putting lots of love into your art. Please have a good night sleep! ^^

Ohh! Hello Sushi! <3

I’m fine, this summer I’m learning and practising as much as I can and I’m working with some interesting projects hehe… (hope to show them soon!)

In short, I haven’t time to get bored these holidays (or enjoy the free time with videogames or something as I did other years before TvT), but I know I’ll be grateful/proud of what I did this summer in the future.

Same to you! Have a good morning, night, day! <3

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hace 1 mes
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